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Every day there are hundreds of people arrested across the state for driving under the influence. This includes alcohol, drugs, a combination of both and every once in a while, having too much coffee. Law enforcement goes out of their way to do everything they can to take these drivers off the road. It is better for them to err in the side of caution than to make a mistake that can have serious implications. This is well understood. However, once the case gets to the Court, that is where the real analysis should begin. As a nation we have all accepted that we must do everything possible to protect the innocent from receiving an unjust conviction. Unfortunately the system hasn’t quite caught up to this concept yet, when it comes to people arrested for an Oakland DUI or Alameda County DUI. Yes of course there are people who have been arrested and are guilty of the offense. What many people are not understanding is that there are many, many others that have been arrested but are innocent and have been made guilty by the improper use of an instrument or test. Lucky for those that have been arrested that Oakland DUI Attorney Francisco Rodriguez has been trained to understand and look for any issue present in the case that can show innocence. This is not an easy battle as these cases carry with them a tremendous amount of bias from not just the system but from jurors who have been precondition to believe that an arrested drunk driver could not be arrested unless he was guilty.

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first time oakland dui

If you have been arrested for a first time DUI in oakland it is extremely important that you speak with our office to have us look and discuss the facts of your case and the possibility that you may not be guilty of the offense. In line with Constitutional mandates our office is one of the few that begins the analysis with trying to find innocence first among the facts surrounding your case. You must always remember to also contact the DMV Driver Safety Office in Oakland to ask for a hearing regarding the looming suspension within !0 DAYS OF YOUR ARREST! If you fail to do this, the DMV will automatically suspend your license based on your arrest.

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fourth/oakland felony dui

If you have reached your fourth arrest for a DUI the Government may want to send you to prison. A possible punishment is 16, 2 or 3 years in state prison or County prison. This alone should cause you to understand that this is not something you can handle alone. Call us immediately if you have been arrested for a fourth DUI in Oakland. The punishment that comes with this type of offense is drastic!

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second time oakland dui

Everything about a first offense, as written to the left, applies to a second time arrest for an Oakland DUI. The main difference is that the punishment increases and the suspension period on your license is longer. Again, while many offices will assume guilt, “because this is your second!”, we assume innocence first. We look at the breath test or blood test to see if any errors in reaching the alleged final number has been made. After 20 years of Defending Oakland DUI charges, we certainly know what can happen and how often it can happen.

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oakland INJURY/murder charge based on dui

If you are reading this box, you are experiencing a life changing event. The consequences/punishment of this type of charge will change your life. The issues on guilt or innocence remain the same, however the consequences to you are tremendous. If this is you, you need to put together a team to handle the case. This begins with an Attorney with experience and knowledge in the field and who can assemble a team of experts to assist in proving your innocence if it exists. Our office has the ability to pulled together a team in a matter of hours. A team that includes the best investigators, the best toxicologists, the best FST experts and accident reconstruction expert. The team is a must to defend this type of allegation and the work must start as soon as possible.

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third time oakland dui

This is when it is more crucial than ever to contact an Attorney who experience and knowledge about alcohol and how it behaves in the body. Being arrested for a third offense will cause everyone to believe that you are guilty, no matter what! The punishment includes a year in jail and crippling license suspension issues. It you handle this without the proper care it will turn into a guaranteed step towards a prison sentence. We cannot emphasize enough the need to have an experience Oakland DWI Attorney on your side. This applies equally in Court as it does at the Oakland Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Safety Office.

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department of motor vehicle actions on oakland duis.

The Oakland Department of Motor Vehicles is eager to take the license of anyone that has been arrested for an Oakland DUI. The first rule of thumb in dealing with them is that you MUST request the DMV for an APS hearing within ten days of your arrest or your license WILL automatically be suspended. Do not allow this to happen, there are numerous reasons why it is to your advantage to request a hearing. An Oakland first time DUI offense will carry a 4 to six month suspension. A second time DUI offense will carry a one to two year suspension depending on the outcome of the case. A third time carries a three year suspension or revocation.


“You have been empowered by the US Constitution to be the only person in the world that can protect your client from the overwhelming, overreaching arm of one of the most powerful entities on earth - Government! As I have said to myself; I may not be famous, nor may I ever be; but for that one moment in time, for that one client, I will try to make history!
— Francisco Rodriguez, Oakland Trial Attorney


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